Welcome to Soul Sanctuary


We are a commonUNITY of Lightworkers, Lightwarriorsand Starseeds that come together to act as a catalyst for one another, heal ourselves, and walk our Soul Purpose Path together—in service to others—so that we can uncover and bring forward our unique gifts, forgive ourselves (and each other), and raise the vibration and consciousness level of ourselves and Mother Earth.

When you join our Soul Sanctuary Initiate Membership level you have access to:
  • Weekly Meditation Circle
  • Weekly Forgiveness Healing
  • Monthly new moon manifestation circles
  • Monthly special guest trainings / events
  • Initiate-only special pricing for all courses
  • Connect with others of like mind 

Soul SanctuaryLifetime Founders Membership

For a limited time in 2021, we will be offering a Lifetime Founders Membership which includes everything above for a one-time only investment. You will be one of the 33 Spiritual Warriors that are interested in shaping the foundation of our commonUNITY. You are familiar (and are more than okay) with the expected, initial Earthly bumps in the road that will happen as we launch Soul Sanctuary™ in the beginning of 2021. However, you also know that the little hiccups we may experience while establishing our foundation are a minor inconvenience compared to the longer term blessings you will experience within our commonUNITY, healing, and manifestation gatherings by coming on the journey with us from the beginning!

As a member of our commonUNITY, you may also feel called to participate in one or more of the following soul journeys:

Do you often wake up stressed, drowned in “To Do” lists, running a million miles a minute, yet feel like you're falling further behind with a sneaking suspicion that little of what you're doing really matters anyway? Your Sacred Missionshould you choose to accept it—is in 6 weeks (or less) craft your unique Soul Purpose™ Roadmap using 5 simple steps to get off the earthly roller coaster of overwork and overwhelm, and reCLAIM 30 minutes (or a whole lot more) of Sacred Soul Time each day so you can wake up with a deep sense of wellBEing that inspires you to effortlessly realize your top three Soul Priorities for the day. [LEARN MORE]

Are you bumbling around in the dark trying to find and tune in to your intuition channel? Or perhaps you've found it but suffer from random acts of intuition? Your Sacred Mission—should you choose to accept it—is in 8 weeks (or less) learn and apply the three Intuition Keys to have consistent, reliable, and repeatable intuition so you can be soul-led on your path of purpose to Manifest Your Mission™. [COMING in 2021... click to learn more and be notified]

If there was ever a time that your unique soul gifts have been needed by Mother Earth, her flora and fauna, and each one of us, that time is NOW! We are the change we have been waiting for. You are the change you have been waiting for. Are you ready to take another step on your Purposeful Path™, continuing to make the difference you came here to make?

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